Glenda's glee in landing £500 'free’ cash

When Glenda Coates visited our Long Eaton branch to transact on her account and joked “if there was any free money available” little did she know she would be returning a couple of weeks later to pick up a cheque for £500.

Miss Coates made the quip to customer reviewer Wayne Curtis, who then mentioned that if she wanted to take out a no obligation home insurance quote she would be entered into a prize draw as part of a campaign that ran throughout June.

Along with her mum Margaret she did exactly that - and lo and behold was then drawn out of the hat as one of the eight lucky winners who each won £500 during the month.

Miss Coates, who lives in Chaddesden in Derby, has been impressed with the society since she first opened an account a few years ago as part of her regular trip to Long Eaton to do her supermarket shopping.

And she’s even more delighted now. Miss Coates, 48, said: “I really enjoy visiting the branch because you can’t beat face-to-face contact when it comes to talking about your finances.

“I had been due to have a conversation with Wayne about my home insurance anyway, ahead of my renewal date in August, but we brought that chat forward - and I’m so happy that we did now that I’ve won the money, which I will be splitting with my mum as she took out a quote too.

“What’s really made me smile about all of this is that I did joke to Wayne when I popped into the branch to transact on my account and he asked me if there was anything else he could do for me that he could ‘give me some free money’.

“He was on the ball and suggested I do a home insurance quote whilst the competition was running and I thought why not. Unbelievably my name came out of the hat so I have sort of ended up with some free money after all!”

Miss Coates’ winnings will be put towards a future holiday, one which she can enjoy knowing her property is protected too - as she turned our no obligation ‘Take Your Pick’ insurance quote into an insurance policy.

She added: “I’m really impressed with the society as a whole, and not just because I won the money.

“The branch team are friendly and professional and always able to answer questions. What’s more, they have been able to help me put in place an insurance policy that is bespoke to my needs - in my case I’ve been able to put my 25-year-old son, who lives with me, as a joint policy holder as some of his stuff is insured and it’s great knowing that if I was away and he needed to speak to someone about the policy he can do so.

“It’s a very bespoke offering which along with the many other things you can speak to The Nottingham about, including mortgages for example, goes to show they are about much more than just savings.”

You can find more information about our home insurance offering here.

Glenda receives £500 from customer reviewer Wayne Curtis


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