Harrison Murray help Trish smile again

For many people, buying and/or selling a home often signals a celebratory moment in their lives – maybe they are first time buyers or are moving to a bigger home due to a new arrival in the family.

But for others, the process of getting involved in the property market can be because of much more sad reasons, and that’s where securing the expert services of a kind-hearted estate agency is a must.

For Trish Piggin it was unfortunately the latter, when the deaths of not only her grandma but also both her parents left her responsible for the sale of their two bungalows, on the same street in Syston in Leicestershire.

Furthermore, to add to the pain the 49-year-old wife and mum-of-one was understandably feeling there was the added emotion that she herself, and her brother, had spent large parts of their formative years in the properties.

In September 2016 both houses sold via Harrison Murray, and Trish says that the help of the estate agency was invaluable in not only achieving that but also in supporting her through it all at such a delicate and upsetting stage of her life.

Costco cashier Trish takes up the story: “I had been caring for my grandma and mum and dad too for seven years as they had all been really poorly. However, suddenly everything changed for the worse when grandma died in August 2015 and then mum passed away the following April and dad a few weeks later.

“Not only had we as a family lost three of the most important and inspirational people in our world but, as executor of their wills, I was left with the responsibility of selling their houses. And what made the matter all the more emotional was that I grew up in those bungalows.

“Choosing Harrison Murray to sell them was a no-brainer because all the family have always used their services and we know the team at the Syston branch extremely well and have bags of faith and confidence in their approach and expertise.

“However, what is an additional benefit is the dedicated sales progression side of things. Jan Szablewska in the head office sales progression team became like a family friend to us despite all our dealings being over the phone and email.

“She took up a lot of the slack and was a real pressure reliever to me at a time when my head was spinning and I really didn’t know whether I was coming or going. She demonstrated excellent communication and professionalism throughout and treated me like a person, with great compassion and humour.

“There were some complicated deeds issues with regards to my grandma’s property and at one time the sale of that bungalow was threatening to get very stressful indeed, but Jan got on the phone to the solicitors several times and made sure that everything was sorted much quicker than an estate agency without dedicated sales progression could ever have done.”

With the help of our PR team the pair were able to finally put faces to names when a meet-up was planned at Trish’s house, also in Syston.

Following the catch-up, Trish added: “It was so lovely to meet Jan and to be able to say thank-you to her face-to-face for what she, and her colleagues at Harrison Murray, have done for me and my family.

“I know that you pay estate agencies for their services and that often they are said to be over-expensive for what they deliver but that couldn’t be less true in terms of what I have experienced with Harrison Murray.

“Throughout the whole process Jan kept me, as a person, at the heart of the dealings and at one stage I remember her and I laughing hysterically on the phone about something - which just shows how great Jan is at dealing with people when you consider what I was going through at the time.

“Things got so bad for me personally that I ended up in hospital with a kidney stone but I’m absolutely certain that if I’d not chosen Harrison Murray I would have been a whole lot more poorly and could very probably still have had two unsold properties on my hands too.

“I can’t thank them enough and hopefully now things will continue on an upward curve – I still have some grieving to do, but can do so with my husband Martin and son Rob close to me knowing that I don’t have the pressure of selling the properties on my shoulders.”

Sales progressor Jan Szablewska with Trish Piggin.


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