Jordan and Chloe's savings habit

A smile spreads across the faces of Jordan Fisher and his partner Chloe Mayes when the latter mentions their trip-of-a-lifetime to Canada in 2020.

Smashing the stereotype that the millennial generation rely on a ‘credit culture’ to achieve the things on their bucket list, Jordan, 24, and Chloe, 22, have fostered a successful savings habit to attain their desired life experiences.

Welder Jordan said: “I’ve always saved money - it’s something that’s important to me. Growing up my family didn’t have much so I knew that if I wanted things I’d have to be sensible with money and put away what I can, when I can.

“Chloe and I managed to get on the housing ladder two years ago because we saved a house deposit, so we could get a good mortgage deal.

“We have continued to set aside money each month to not only make sure there are funds should we need to spend money on the house but also so that we can go on a dream holiday to Canada in 2020.”

Jordan described how being disciplined savers hasn’t meant that he and Chloe have had to sacrifice living their lives.

He added: “I think there’s a perception that if you save you end up missing out on things - you can never have a treat, do anything or go anywhere. And that leads many to borrow rather than save.

“But we’ve made it a priority as part of our saving to make sure we do still have days out, or go for a meal, buy clothes and so on, because it’s about balance.

“We just make sure we don’t overspend and are disciplined about the amount we save each month. It’s really rewarding to watch the money add up.”

The couple are fairly regular visitors to our Worksop branch and Chloe is a big fan of being able to see the funds start to stack up in her savings passbook.

She added: “Online banking is a very important tool and it works well for us when it comes to current accounts.

“However, when it comes to savings, I love having a passbook that I can get updated by the branch when funds have gone in - it feels as if your savings are closer to you and that you are growing something.

“In our case we are saving for something really exciting with the trip to Canada. We’ve even gone as far as sticking a piece of paper saying ‘Canada 2020’ on the front of our passbook to further motivate our saving!”

Proving that you can save from a young age and enjoy life - Chloe Mayes and Jordan Fisher


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