Julie's home insurance story

For many people just thinking about getting a home insurance quote is enough to give them a sinking feeling.

However Julie Hornsey’s decision to change her property policy to an RSA one introduced to her by our Grantham branch team was a shrewd move at a time when her spirits were about to get dampened – quite literally, and on a monumental scale!

Grandmother-of-one Julie had not long since swapped her insurance over from another provider last year when, in August, she fell and badly broke her leg whilst endeavouring to stop a neighbour’s dog from running into the road, thus preventing a much worse accident.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, just a month later she was plunged into further turmoil when piping leading to her bathroom bidet spectacularly split and her house, and many of her prized possessions, became engulfed in water.

A few months on, after a prompt and successful home insurance claim with RSA with an overall value of over £25,000 was concluded and repair works completed, a relieved and very grateful Julie took up the tale.

The 75-year-old, a support worker for people with learning difficulties, said: “Having broken my leg in August - so badly I now have a metal plate in it - I was off work and sat at home one day when the cat came into the living room from the kitchen all wet through.

“I thought maybe the water fountain had overturned so went to check – and I couldn’t believe my eyes what I saw. Water was relentlessly pouring in through the kitchen ceiling and it wouldn’t stop.

“My next door neighbour, Paul, kindly came to my rescue and was lying in several inches of rising water trying desperately to turn it off at the stopcock. I was worried he might get electrocuted as the lights kept flickering on and off but he was great and managed to stop it.

“However water is extremely powerful and the damage had been done – the kitchen was ruined, as were several carpets, floors, pieces of furniture, walls and electrical items. It was a real mess.

“Paul, who has worked in the insurance industry all of his life, asked me where my RSA documents were and I handed them to him. He kindly called their emergency line on my behalf and everything went from there.”

Julie was mightily impressed with how quickly RSA set about putting everything right. Around 14 hours after the flooding had occurred workmen were ripping up damaged floors and carpets and setting about drying out and repairing walls.

Her conservatory became a safe haven for no less than 50 boxes of items that needed checking through to see if they had been affected, meanwhile the insurers communicated with her at every turn to ensure things were being sorted how Julie wanted them to be.

She adds: “I can’t fault anyone at all – from the fabulous team of people that I class as my friends at The Nottingham and who pointed me in the direction of RSA, the fantastic loss adjustor I was dealing with who made sure there was no prevarication over any payments to me for damaged items or anyone coming to do the repairs, right through to the wonderful chaps that were sent to sort my house out.

“I have lived here for over 30 years and the only other previous claim, back in the 1980s, was for a roof slate. This was a totally different kettle of fish – but it was dealt with superbly and just before Christmas everything was back to more or less as it was before, which is remarkable given the extent of the damage the water caused.

“Without a doubt I would recommend anyone to visit their local branch of The Nottingham and speak to them about RSA home insurance. Not only is it fantastic that they are on the high street offering face-to-face financial advice at a time when many banks are, in my opinion wrongly, closing branches, but they are also helping people protect their homes.

“I can’t thank them enough.”

To find out more about home insurance, pop into one of our branches or visit thenottingham.com/insurance.

Home insurance customer Julie Hornsey


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