Michelle warms up for a marathon task for SportsAid

As spring starts to make an appearance, Michelle Stocks from our Louth branch is warming up for a marathon task ahead of her… the London Marathon to be exact!

Over the last few months, grandmother Michelle has been steadily increasing her running distance and rattling buckets to raise money for partner charity, SportsAid. So far, they are up to £1,125!

She says ‘I am really looking forward to next month and although this will be one of the biggest challenges of my life, I really cannot wait!’

Michelle has not had an easy ride having never run more than a half-marathon distance and problems with her hips whilst she has been training but is determined to make it to the finish line in less than five and a half hours.

Michelle explains ‘This weekend I managed 19 miles in 3 hours 20 minutes which is my fastest time yet and next weekend will be aiming for 22 miles before gradually decreasing distance in the run up to the real thing. Although I can manage a half in just over two hours, it is not quite as simple as just doubling up the time for a full marathon. After several months of training and some great advice from some marathon veterans, it has amazed me how much it has taken out of me but I haven’t dwelled on it too much, despite my black toe nails or I probably would have given up!’

Branch Manager Alan Cope added ‘We are so proud of Michelle for undertaking this challenge and really looking forward to SportsAid for 2015 as this year’s athlete, Junior GB Fencer Amber Moss, is well-known to the branch so we are really looking forward to meeting her and having a go on the swords!’

To make a donation to Michelle, visit her fundraising page

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