Ivor and Beryl's savings story

High-flying husband and wife Ivor and Beryl Smith are both loving later life - they are in their 80s and still working full-time at their light aircraft business. 

Away from building and servicing planes Company Directors Ivor (83) and Beryl (81), both members of The Nottingham, also pride themselves on spending time with their treasured family.

The couple have proudly run The Light Aircraft Company Ltd together with their son and Managing Director Paul from their base at Little Snoring Airfield, close to Fakenham, for over a decade after selling a previous business. They have overseen its take-off to become the sole UK agent for prestigious German Comco Ikarus light aircraft brand and the only business of its type in the country.

That ongoing success, underpinned by shrewd saving, has meant Ivor and Beryl are able to enjoy life to the full by spending valuable time with their two granddaughters and six great grandchildren - and helping to provide for their futures too.

Beryl takes up the story: “For us life is about being happy, secure and making sure we spend time with and look after our family.

"We work very closely with them and live near each other too. Having saved money over the years means we can do things as a family without worrying financially. Spending time with them helps keep us young at heart.

“We were really heartened when we heard The Nottingham was opening a branch in Fakenham earlier this year and straight away made the link with three of the planes that we manufacture ourselves from scratch - the Sherwood Kub, Sherwood Ranger and Sherwood Scout.

“But whilst that is an apt connection, it isn’t the reason we became members. We did so because we believe in being able to make the most of our finances, face-to-face. The team in Fakenham are so warm, welcoming and professional - it’s always a pleasure to visit the branch.”

Ivor and Beryl were previously Norwich and Peterborough (N&P) customers, but were forced to rethink what to do with their savings when they closed. The Nottingham stepped in - opening for the first time in Norfolk in former N&P premises in Fakenham, Dereham and Thetford.

The Smiths, who have been married for 62 years, are delighted as it means their plans to keep preparing for the best possible financial future for themselves and their family can continue. Their sense of security can stay intact and they can continue to enjoy positive family experiences.

Ivor adds: “We couldn’t be happier as members of The Nottingham. When we walk into the branch they know us by name, and that is very impressive. It is reassuring that our money is in good hands.

“As well as entrusting them with our savings, we’ve both also put funeral plans in place via the society recently, as we don’t want our family to have to worry about that. By the same sort of token we had savings accounts in place for our granddaughters until they were 18 – which enabled them to have a good start in life. 

“It’s important for us to make sure we keep our family close, share experiences with them and that there are no financial worries in the future.

“The Nottingham is playing a key role in helping us achieve that - we are delighted they are on the high street in Fakenham.”

Ivor and Beryl Smith, with their son Paul (right).


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