Olympic effort for SportsAid Week

Some of the first official miles in SportsAid’s #MyMiles challenge were clocked up by Olympian Etienne Stott MBE just as the sun was coming up. The London 2012 Olympian was joined by SportsAid stars Jonathan Atkinson and Ewan Vernon both of whom have been supported by us to complete their mileage to raise awareness and funds for the charity. 

Olympic Champion Etienne praised the charity for the key role that SportsAid played in his early career “SportsAid supported me as a young athlete early in my quest to become an Olympic champion. The money they gave not only helped me and my family materially, I also took it as a vote of confidence in my prospects for the future.”

Ewan Vernon is set to follow in his footsteps after winning the British Junior Open. The 18 year old from West Bridgford joined The Nottingham’s ‘Team SportsAid’ earlier this year and has used his funding to help cover the costs of competing over the summer in the lead up to this competition. 

The #MyMiles challenge was newly-introduced this year to SportsAid Week, an initiative launched in 2016, asking supporters to complete a minimum of one mile of activity before making a donation and nominating another person through social media. The challenge has been inspired by the fact that a SportsAid athlete, on average, will complete 40 miles in training under their own steam every week. 

Table tennis stars Darcie Proud and Adam Harrison carried on the activity on Monday with a table tennis tournament at head office whilst Crystal Peaks, Buxton and Retford were just a few of the branches who have teamed up with athletes to contribute to more than 250 miles completed by staff. 

In addition, branches have been accepting small change donations aiming to reach a mile of coins or £800, enough to help an athlete for a year with the costs of travel and competitions. 

You can find out more about SportsAid here.




Photos by Roberto Payne, SportsBeat.

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