Planning - and paying for - your own funeral

Whether it’s leaving church to the strains of Sinatra’s My Way – or making sure your favourite poem is read out – it’s your wishes that should count most at your own send-off. 

Leaving things in the hands of your family may leave room for confusion, ambiguity – or worse… putting pressure on your loved ones at an already difficult time.

The good news is that you can formalise your wishes and organise your funeral during your lifetime – and even ensure it's all paid for too.

While you keep control and save your relatives from having to go shopping for a funeral when they need time to grieve, it also makes financial sense because the price of the services in the plan is fixed no matter when the funeral is held.

So if you’re ready to formalise your wishes into a funeral plan with our partner Dignity, you’ll only pay today’s prices, regardless of what is currently around a 6% annual rise in the cost. Between 2011 and 2016 the average cost of a funeral rose by 33% from £2,971 to £3,937.* By 2021 the average is expected to be £5,217.* By planning ahead you can reduce the financial burden of a large and unexpected bill for those you leave behind.

The Nottingham has partnered with Dignity because of their professional and trusted reputation in funeral services. Since 1985, more than 740,000 people have made provision for their funeral in advance with their help.

Under the Dignity umbrella are 1,200 owned and approved reputable funeral directors around the UK who can assist at your family’s time of need. The plan is also portable, so if you move house, just one call to Dignity is needed and they can update their records and, if required, reallocate a new funeral director to your plan.

Not surprisingly, people tend to put off funeral planning for as long as they possibly can. But the fact of the matter is that the sooner you do start planning, the more you could save in the long run.

Here’s what a funeral plan can offer:

  • Peace of mind that once paid for there will be nothing further to pay for the services included in the plan;
  • Reassurance that these funeral costs are fixed at today's prices;
  • Confidence that your personal wishes have been made known;
  • Comfort that your arrangements will be in the hands of an experienced and trusted funeral director. 
What’s more, when you are a member of The Nottingham, you can qualify for price reductions on both will writing and a funeral plan under our Member Rewards scheme.

* 2011 and 2016: Matter Communications independent research. 2021 forecast based on average annual compounded growth rate of 5.79% each year between 2011 and 2016.

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