What is a 'Smart Home'?

There are over 15 million 'Smart Homes' in Britain, according to research by Smart Home Week and 57% of UK homes now have a smart device to control lights, entertainment, security, vacuum cleaners or other appliances around the home.

What is a 'Smart Home'?

Smart technology was developed in the late 1990s and the 'Smart' bit stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. This term defines any technology or device which can be controlled automatically or via the internet. Using sensors, devices and appliances are connected to the internet and use a combination of WiFi and cloud technology to send information thus allowing people to control them from smart home apps, smartphones and other networked devices. 

In the past few years, the most popular smart home devices have helped with security, bringing information and entertainment, monitoring wellbeing and keeping our houses warm remotely. But it appears those devices are just the start of the trend. Our home insurance provider RSA have some fantastic insight into the future of home technology and are here to tell us all about what our homes could look like in the future! Following the Consumer Electronics Show that happened in early 2020 Las Vegas, RSA are shining the spotlight on a few of the smart technologies that may be changing our homes forever.

What exciting smart tech is still to come for the UK homeowner? Just a few of the intelligent solutions on display at Consumer Electronics Show 2020 included:

1. Never run low on essentials

We all knew it wouldn’t be long before online shopping lists were connected to our homes. The future is apparently an app that automates your food shopping lists using smart shelves which monitor when your favourite supplies are low. No more running out of porridge oats before breakfast! 

2. Bin it!

Something as simple as household waste is also getting smarter. There is a new hi-tech bin which not only opens the lid when it detects a nearby object, it also knows when it is full, self-seals and changes the bag at the touch of a button.

3. In-built scales

The future is a frying pan which checks the weight and temperature of ingredients before guiding you through the cooking process via an app and letting you know the nutritional value of your meal. Now that's clever cooking! 

4. Smart cookers

Appliances can be made smarter by adding the latest Smart tech directly to them.  For example, a new cooker has dials that are designed to be retrofitted to existing cookers. From the comfort of your sofa, you can turn up the heat via voice command and, with safety ever at the fore, it will automatically turn the cooker off if it is left unattended for too long.

5. The intelligent shower-head 

Bathroom specialists have developed an intelligent shower head which integrates with your Smart speakers and microphone, now anyone can sing accompanied in the shower or even time themselves doing it!

6. Code and light-based locking

This smart lock unlocks front doors by detecting a specific pattern of light fired from a smartphone flash. This means that you can easily share a unique light-based code with anyone you need to give temporary access to your home. Great if a family member often forgets their keys!

7. The best robot ever?

Probably the funniest of all the fantastic new concepts on show was a 2-wheeled robot that fetches you more toilet paper when you run out. Just one instruction from your smartphone, and they will rescue you with a roll of toilet paper - although it is still unclear how it will cope with stairs!

The array of technology and innovation on display at CES 2020 is huge and wide ranging. Which is your favourite idea? 

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