Best jobs for over 65s

According to a Mintel report*, one in ten people over 65 are still working. ‘34% of non-retired people say they will fund their retirement by continuing to earn an income, whether by working part-time or running a small enterprise’, the ‘Retired for Hire’ generation is definitely in full swing and being retired doesn’t mean getting comfortable in your favourite armchair any longer. 

If you are considering whether to continue working, ask yourself some of the following questions as these may dictate whether you stay in your current job or find yourself a new venture. 

  • What is motivating you to continue work? Is it money or for something to do?
  • How much time do you want to spend working?
  • Do you want a similar career or something completely different?
  • How much responsibility would you like in the job?
  • Is flexibility important to you?
  • Would you like to retrain?

There are two options if you would like to continue working after retirement or even not fully retire at all. The first is phased retirement where you retain your job with your current employer with reduced hours and perhaps reduced responsibilities too. This way, you will still enjoy the benefits of your job such as medical insurance if this is offered and a regular income and be in an environment that you are comfortable in.

The second option if you don’t want to fully retire just yet is to take up some part time work. Here are a number of examples of jobs that can be done part time or with reduced hours, some with lower responsibility and others that would be a totally new endeavour!

1. Freelance consultant 
If you are in a position to share your wealth of knowledge and experience in your field of work, becoming a consultant could be an option. You could even do this in the firm that you have just left. Reach out to new companies in your area and position yourself as a wealth of knowledge, explaining your key skills, attributes and what you think you could bring to their business.

. Event / cinema staff
Love music events, theatre and film? Working at a venue could be the perfect job for you. You’ll get to listen to or watch the play or musical event whilst you work and you might even get staff discount on future tickets too. 

3. Hotel / B&B work
Do you know your hometown inside out? Working at a B&B or a hotel on reception or as a concierge could be invaluable to visitors! Plus, it would be really rewarding to share your insider tips as a local and give people the chance to discover your town or city for themselves.

4. Housekeeper
A dab hand with the duster and find cleaning and organising therapeutic? Being a housekeeper could be a low-hours job that’s needed multiple times a week. Pop an ad in the local paper to see if your services are needed and ask around amongst your friends and family for interest. 

5. Viewing representatives 
At Nottingham Estate Agency and Harrison Murray we have a number of jobs that are suitable for semi-retirees. As a Viewing Representative you’ll be responsible for showing potential home buyers and renters around the properties and also distributing leaflets around your local area. If you enjoy meeting new people and keeping fit by walking - this could be an ideal role! You can view our careers page here

6. Pet sitting and dog walking

If you’re an animal lover then a great part time job would have to be pet sitting or dog walking, surely? There are many people with pets and busy lives that would find an extra walk a day for their pooch very handy indeed. Or, perhaps when friends and family head away on holiday, feeding cats and other small pets could be a weight off their mind. If you get yourself a few regular slots you could even set it up as a small business in your local area. 

7. Handy person
Are you a DIY whizz? If popping up shelves and hanging curtain poles are akin to a walk in the park for you then advertising yourself as general handy help could be an idea to get yourself out there in the community and use your skills to help others. 

8. Making & selling gifts
Crafts, card-making, crochet and other skilled hobbies are incredibly popular within the gifting market and can sell for a great price. Put your talents to good use and make some goodies to sell either online on marketplace Etsy or at local community events such as craft and vintage fairs. Check out a social media sites like Facebook for these events and get in touch with other local artists and crafters to tap into their community. 

9. Gardening
Similar to being handy around the house and cleaning, if trimming rose bushes and planting vegetables is second nature to you, share your expertise with your local area and set up a small gardening services business. Or, simply offer your services to friends and family in exchange for a fee and a cup of tea! You may be surprised at the amount of people that even just need advice on how to look after their gardens. 

10. Tour Guide
If you’re a history buff and are lucky enough to live near some of the many sites belonging to organisations like English Heritage or the National Trust, investigate jobs that they may have openings for. Jobs in everything from retail to food and beverage, visitor experience, explaining the exhibitions and properties’ history, greeting guests and much more can be available. Local museums and some cities will also need enthusiastic tour guides and people with knowledge about the area and its history. 

*Mintel Report - Retirement Planning - UK - January 2018


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