We reward inspirational Thomas

Remarkable role model Thomas Fronia shows off a beaming smile after being named an ‘Inspirational Young Person of 2016’.

The fantastic seven-year-old from Chesterfield landed himself a thoroughly deserved £100 prize and one of our sought after Robin Hood money boxes after being chosen following a nomination by his mum.

The aim of the competition was to find youngsters (aged under 18) who have shown incredible strength and determination in overcoming difficult challenges across the ten
counties in which we trade.

Thomas was chosen for the amazing courage and strength of character he has shown so far in his young life despite suffering with extreme eczema since he was a new-born baby.

His mum, Paula Lovett, said: “I know I am obviously biased but it is just fantastic that The Nottingham chose Thomas as one of their Inspirational Youngsters of 2016 - it literally made him jump for joy!”

Paula, who found out about the competition on a visit to our Chesterfield branch, added: “From being a new-born baby Thomas suffered with eczema. He was admitted to hospital and had various forms of body wraps and cream applied. Regular visits to Sheffield Children’s Hospital were undertaken, as well as the local GP surgery.

“Despite this he has always been happy and cheerful. Even when his fingers were swollen and infected he remained outgoing and bubbly. I can recall, on one occasion, a child his age looking at his hands and asking if it was sore. Thomas just took it in his stride, and said ‘it’s ok, it’s just my eczema’.

“He has such an awareness of eczema and how it can impact on his life, he will come to tell us as his parents that it is hurting and that he needs his cream on. Thomas shows such empathy towards other people, and will show compassion to anybody who is upset. I am sure that is down to his personality and what he has overcome.

“We are grateful for the here and now as Thomas’ eczema is dormant and nowhere near as severe as it was for the first five years of his life. He continues to develop an amazing personality and loves school, superheroes and spending time with his family.”

Our Chesterfield branch building society manager Emma Whild said: “We are so pleased Thomas has been chosen as he is a lovely, warm boy with an infectious smile who has been through such a lot in the early years of his life.

“It’s great to be able to combine the message that it’s really important to save for the future from a young age with a competition that has rewarded an extremely deserving and
inspirational local youngster.”

The award was also met with the approval of Thomas’s head teacher at Calow Primary School, Martin Thacker, who added: “Thomas makes a positive difference at school - he is
enthusiastic about learning and clearly motivated by education.

“He is a considerate pupil who is consistently kind and caring. Thomas never allows setbacks to stop him from radiating ‘sunshine’ and is an inspiration to us all.”

The competition was part of an ongoing campaign to promote our Robin Hood Young Saver Account, which is a great way to get children into the savings habit early.

The account can be opened with as little as £1, at which stage the young person receives a bag of goodies and a Robin Hood money box. They can deposit up to £100 every calendar month and will benefit from an interest rate of 2.75% gross p.a/AER* fixed** until 31 May 2018 and as their savings grow so will their collection of money boxes.

*The Nottingham will pay your interest without tax taken off. It is your responsibility to declare any interest you earn over your personal savings allowance directly to HMRC. Your tax treatment will depend on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future, for further information please contact HMRC. AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate. It shows what the interest rate would be if the interest was re-invested in the account each year. Interest rates are variable unless otherwise stated.
**There’s no guarantee that the current difference between The Nottingham’s fixed rates and general rates will continue. General interest rates may fall below or rise above the fixed rate.

Building society manager Emma Whild presents Thomas with his prize, which he then proudly shows off (inset).


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