Winner Peter stays in the savings habit

Canny competition winner Peter Herbert refuses to break his savings habit of a lifetime despite a £500 unexpected cash boost.

The 71-year-old landed the windfall as a winner of a home insurance competition we ran before Christmas - and immediately reinvested it in his savings account with the society!

Retired goods inward manager Peter, who recently moved to a new house in Crich in Derbyshire, found out the good news about the money when he was called by Matlock branch customer services consultant Shannon Goldsmith, who had previously taken Peter through a no obligation home insurance quote which then saw his name go into the competition hat.

On finding out he had won there was no grand plan hatched to go on an exotic holiday or to put the funds towards purchasing a new car - what he wanted do with it was a no-brainer to him.

Peter takes up the story: “It was fantastic to hear I had won but I knew straight away what I would do with the money - I wanted it to go into my savings.

“I’ve had a lot of expense recently what with moving house so the £500 can replace some of what I’ve had to spend on costs.

“It’s very important to me to have a rainy day fund set safely aside and I’ve been saving with The Nottingham since 2008, firstly via the Ilkeston branch, then Chesterfield and now in Matlock.

“I’m very loyal when it comes to money but it has to be a two-way street. I’ve always been treated with the upmost respect by the friendly and professional staff at the society and that’s why I’ve remained a loyal customer to this day.

“Five years ago I took out a funeral plan via The Nottingham as I saw no reason to go anywhere else and the same applies some five years later. I shall be taking the insurance policy I was quoted on too, as it is cheaper than what I was quoted elsewhere and is a very bespoke policy.”

Peter finished with a message for younger people who perhaps think that money is only there to be enjoyed and in the process neglect essential future financial planning.

He added: “It took me until I was 55 and heading towards retirement for it to hit me that I needed to put a few things in place to make life a bit more comfortable in the future.

“The way I see it is that saving is important as it means you don’t have to rely on anybody else and your family isn’t put under financial pressure, but at the same time once you’ve paid for the roof over your head, your utility bills and saved some for the future the rest can be yours to enjoy however you see fit.”

Peter was one of 16 winners in the home insurance ‘win £500’ competition that ran throughout November and December, with a total of £8,000 being given away.

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Competition winner Peter Herbert with customer services consultant Shannon Goldsmith


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