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Trust FAQs

A trust, in its simplest terms is a legal instrument that allows someone to give away assets in an efficient way. Find out more. 

Why estate planning is so important

Estate planning is very important and we're here to help with top tips and essential things to remember. 

Will writing FAQs

Read our frequently asked questions all about will writing to get to grips with estate planning for the future.

Inheritence Tax FAQs

You will currently not have any Inheritance Tax to pay if your estate is worth less than £325,000. Find out more about the details. 

Are you saving enough for long term retirement goals

A rough guide on how much you could potentially save per year for your retirement goals. 

Five reasons to create a Will

Marriage, children, buying property and more reasons why you should update or create a Will. 

Glossary of estate planning terms

Let us help you navigate through the terminology used when discussing estate planning. Our glossary explains it all easy to understand language.