Meet the money boxes

Get four legendary characters with our Robin Hood Young Saver account  The more you save, the more money boxes there are to collect. There are four altogether. No prizes for guessing who’s first.

Robin Hood 
Get Robin when you open your account
Everyone's favourite outlaw! When he’s not hiding from the Sheriff in Sherwood Forest, he’s making sure people around Nottingham have enough money. Loyal, honest and sometimes a little cheeky, Robin always has your best interests at heart. He’s the perfect person to trust with your money.

Friar Tuck
He’s yours when you’ve saved £500
Wise, jolly and very friendly, Friar Tuck is someone you can always rely on. He loves to wear the very best habits, eat the finest food and visit the coolest places… that’s why he knows he has to save a little harder to get all these super-special treats. Thankfully you can too – with Friar Tuck’s big tum you can fit in a few extra coins. 

The Sheriff
He’s yours when you’ve saved £1,000
Poor Sheriff. You know, he’s not half as bad as people make him out to be. He’s not mean – it’s just that he doesn’t like spending all his money on things he doesn’t need. But when he sees something he really wants – like a pair of boots or a new scary black horse – he’ll save really hard to get it. 


Maid Marian
She’s yours when you’ve saved £1,500
Maid Marian brings a touch of glamour to Sherwood Forest! She keeps an eye on Robin and makes sure he doesn’t get into too many scrapes. Marian really understands how important it is to save money – and sees to it that she and Robin put away a little money whenever they can. After all, how else will they be able to afford that dream wedding?

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