How much could you save in one week?

We’ve challenged a selection of bloggers and the public to only spend their money on the essentials for one week. Check out the My No Spend Week hub for some inspiration on saving. Maybe a ‘No Spend’ week could change how you view your spending habits?


My No Spend Week - Ed

Ed is Head Groundsman for our sponsorship rugby club Leicester Tigers. Will he stick to his 'pocket money' budget?


My No Spend Week - Johnny

Johnny is a 23 year old travel and lifestyle blogger and fitness instructor from East London. Can he only spend on essentials for a week? 

My No Spend Week - Michelle

Michelle is a 29 year old freelance writer and blogger from Hertfordshire. Can she resist a 'fancy coffee' in her No Spend week? 


My No Spend Week - Erika

Erika is a Creative Artworker for The Nottingham. Check out her spending and saving diary during a week in her life. 


My No Spend Week - Natalie

Natalie is a 27 year old freelance blogger and writer from busy London. Will she like her No Spend Week?

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My No Spend Week - Kristina

Kristina is a 26, half Italian and half Serbian Account Manager from Bournemouth and was furloughed during the pandemic.


My No Spend Week - Em

Emily is an 18 year old furloughed waitress who has just finished sixth form. How will she get on with her No Spend challenge?


My No Spend Week - Charlotte

Charlotte is a self-confessed buyer of overpriced make up - can she not spend for a whole week?


My No Spend Week - Victoria

Victoria is 34 from Gloucestershire and is a full-time blogger. She lives with her husband and two children.


My No Spend Week - Suzanne

Suzanne is our very own Senior Campaign Assistant in the Marketing team. We challenged her to a No Spend Week!


My No Spend Week - Max

Max's biggest spending change during the pandemic has just been cutting down including meals out and the pub.


My No Spend Week - Loren

Loren is a home and lifestyle blogger who enjoys renovating her 1930s home and walking her chocolate Labrador Mia in Derbyshire.


My No Spend Week - Lucy

Lucy is frugal already - can she boost her savings with a No Spend Week?


My No Spend Week - Lauren

Lauren is a 24-year-old Customer Services Adviser who loves spending money on clothes and meals out.


My No Spend Week - Nicola

Nicola is the Community, Commercial & Event Manager for The Nottingham Panthers. 


My No Spend Week - Ruth

Ruth is a 32 year old Communications Officer and blogger from Liverpool. How will she get on with her No Spend challenge?


My No Spend Week - Kia

Kia is a student and personal finance influencer from London, she saved £60! 


My No Spend Week - Chloe

How will nomadic traveller Chloe get on with her No Spend Week post-lockdown? 


My No Spend Week - Katie

Katie smashed her No Spend Week minus one loungewear-related wobble...