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Thousands of happy customers have come to us for mortgage advice because we can save them time, money and stress. That's why we've got a 98% satisfaction rate.

Why not take advantage when your current mortgage deal is up for renewal. Simply tell us when it comes to an end and we'll contact you 3-6 months before to find the best deal for you.

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How much can I afford?

Working out how big a mortgage you can afford to borrow can seem like a daunting task. Our mortgage advisers aim to make it as simple as possible by searching the whole of the mortgage market and compare products to bring you the most attractive deals out there. This isn’t just based on price, because we know that cheapest doesn’t always mean best. Instead, we look at every detail, including individual features, costs and that all-important small print.

As well as your income, we’ll need to see how much deposit you have to buy your home. The amount of deposit required will depend on the property you want to purchase, but as a rule, the larger the deposit the better mortgage deal you are likely to get.

Can I get a mortgage?

Talking to an adviser will ensure you get the best advice and personal service. Our mortgage advisers will take you through the whole process and explain everything along the way, whether that's done in one of our branches or over the phone.

How much can I borrow?

While being a first-time buyer may be an exciting prospect, think very carefully about whether you can actually afford it over time. Before you talk to one of our mortgage advisers, you may want to do a little homework yourself. Fill in our first-time buyer mortgage checklist to see how much income you have at the end of every month. Also, think about what would happen if interest rates went up. Would you be able to comfortably afford the increase in your monthly repayments?

Use our mortgage calculator to work out what your monthly mortgage repayment is likely to be.

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