The Dos and Don’ts of Stain Removal

Whether its grass, grease, red wine, or make up we have all had a stain on our clothes or furniture that we just don’t know where to start to remove it. We may not be the expert however there are some Dos and Don’ts available online when it comes to stain removal, some of which might save your favourite clothes or possessions from ruin.

Do use water as part of your armoury when it comes to fighting stains, its plentiful and by itself shouldn’t cause damage to most materials. 

Don't use hot water when you attempt to flush any stains out. Cold water is best as heat has the potential to set stains in. 

Do persevere! You might not see the result you want straight away but some stains take a while to respond so repetition might be key in some cases. 

Don't mix cleaning products. There can be unintended consequences and potentially dangerous results when the chemicals in cleaning products react with each other. 

Do know your limitations. You might not be the best person to tackle the red wine stain on a delicate antique rug, sometimes its time to call in a specialist!

Don't scrub too hard. Too much aggressive scrubbing can damage fabric or surfaces and has the potential to make a stain bigger. It’s best to start by dabbing at it rather than scrubbing.

Do treat stains as quickly as possible.

Don’t use too much stain remover. It can be tempting to flood a stain with a product, but it can make it can cause problems when it comes to rinsing. It’s best to start with a small amount of stain removal product and repeat.  

Do carry out a small spot test with any new solvents or cleaning products to make sure it isn’t going to damage the surface you are trying to remove the stain from.

Don’t use aggressive products like bleach or enzyme-based products on delicate fabrics such as silk, and wool. It might seem obvious, but some fabrics and surfaces can be damaged by products so make sure you check the labels.

There are plenty of tips online on what products are most effective for removing all manner of stains from different surfaces, many of which can be found around the home. Why not read our article on how common household products can also help you deep clean your house

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