A step-by-step journey to getting the keys to your castle

Whether you’re buying your first house or moving up the property ladder, the world of mortgages can be a confusing one.

We understand how daunting the experience can be and how much your new home means to you. So we’re here to guide you through the process step by step – with some handy insider tips along the way.

We’ve created an infographic showing the eight stages you’ll need to go through before you get your hands on those shiny new keys, from househunting to choosing a solicitor.

And we’ve asked around our branches to put together a list of our advisers top tips for buying a home – little things that you wouldn’t know if you haven’t been there yourself. Keep an eye on our Facebook page.

Now, we want your help, too. Our customers are a smart bunch, so if you’ve been through the process already tell us your real-life tips for buying a home over on our Facebook page.

For more information on getting a mortgage then call our trained advisers on 0344 481 0013 or visit our dedicated mortgage advice. Generic News Story

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