How Framework helps transform lives - Ewas story

We believe everyone should have a roof over their head, and we know how important it is to have that sense of security. We’re proud to support Framework in their valuable work to help homeless people in the local area get off the streets and look forward to a fresh start in life.

One of those people was Ewa. A grandmother and a former primary school teacher, she’s proof that homelessness can happen to anybody – and that we as a society need to change our negative stereotypes about homeless people.

“I had a long period off work ill and was also drinking too much at the time. Eventually I lost my job and could no longer pay the mortgage. At first the bank was very understanding but then their attitude changed and they threatened me with repossession. I was embarrassed and stopped opening my post because I didn’t want to face up to what was happening to me.”

After losing her home Ewa moved in with her partner – someone she hoped would help her in her time of need. Instead his violence towards her meant she had to flee their home.

The local council referred her to Framework’s supported accommodation and she moved into one of 15 self-contained flats at Elizabeth House. Here, Framework helped her address her finances and her alcohol use.

She explained: “Becoming homeless was a very frightening experience to deal with. When you lose your home you also lose your sense of security. Elizabeth House made me stable again and gave me the space I needed to get on top of my problems.”

After two months at Elizabeth House Ewa spent ten months at Framework’s Villa Street accommodation in Beeston – designed to ease the transition between supported accommodation and independent living. She’s now living independently in a flat in Kimberley but still has close contact with Framework as a volunteer.

She added: “Volunteering was a great idea for me – I felt strongly that I wanted to use my skills to give something back. Now I’m helping teach people the skills they’ll need to live independently in the future.

“I really don’t know what would have happened had I not been referred to Framework. I’ve come a long way in just 12 months and now lead what most people would describe as a ‘normal’ life. My hopes for the future are to get into paid employment, hopefully within Framework and to spend quality time with my grandchildren. I can ask for no more.” Generic News Story

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