Frameworks Friar Lane office invaluable support for those facing crisis

Last year we gave our former head office at 22 Friar Lane to our supported charity, Framework. Having this space in Nottingham city centre means they can always be available for people in urgent need of help and advice. And for several people and families who’ve come close to losing their homes, the centre’s support has been invaluable.

The building now houses Framework’s Crisis Service, which provides short-term help for a period of up to four months. After that, if necessary, people are referred to the charity’s longer-term services. As just one example of how the service works, case worker Dean Fitch shared the story of a woman and her one-year-old son who walked into the centre on Wednesday afternoon. 

“She walked into the Crisis Service at 4.45pm looking very anxious. Her eviction was scheduled for 8am the following morning and the County Court office had already closed at 2pm.

“We made an emergency application to the County Court, hoping that someone with the authority to stop the eviction saw it before 8am the following day. We completed the application in record time, gave the woman the £50 court application. We also emailed the manager of the County Court bailiffs team knowing they’d start work early in the morning.” 

The next morning, Dean had good news. “The manager of the bailiffs team due to carry out the eviction had emailed me at 6.30am to tell me they weren’t due to arrive at her address until 10am. He said that if she got her application in before 9.30am the eviction could be stopped. 

“By this point the woman and her child had been turned away from the county court twice. But I told her to try again and mention what the bailiffs had said. It was third time lucky – the eviction warrant was suspended until a court hearing scheduled for a week later.

We got in touch with her landlord to explain the situation and received a conditional offer from them not to oppose us at the hearing.”

As a result, the woman kept her home and was given the help she needed to become more financially stable. In just a short space of time, the Crisis Service team were able to turn her fortune around and point her towards other avenues of support. 

To find out more about Framework and the Crisis Service team’s work, visit their website.

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