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Five smells that will sell your home and five nasty niffs to avoid

Anyone who’s watched a TV property programme knows the old tricks of brewing coffee and baking bread to get house-buyers drooling.

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Now is the time for the best fixed rate mortgage deals

Lenders are offering fantastic rates and deals to customers to stay competitive. Helen Crowther-Dowey walks us through why its a good time for to be in the market.

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How mortgage advisers can help you find the best mortgage

Fingers on buzzers and no conferring. You have a choice of two mortgages; we’ll call them Mortgage A and Mortgage B. Both are offered by the same lender and are almost identical - except Mortgage B will give you £1,000 cash-back. Which one do you choose?

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Six mistakes not to make for first time buyer mortgages

You’re young, bright and about to buy your first home. How difficult can it be?

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Improve your chances of getting a mortgage

If you were going to a job interview, you probably wouldn’t wear tatty old trainers, sloppy jogging bottoms and a top with a big glob of egg yoke down the front.Making a good impression counts - we kn...

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