Remortgaging - finding a new deal

Switching mortgage when your mortgage term comes to an end can be financially beneficial. Find out how a mortgage broker can help you remortgage.


Types of mortgage explained

Whether you’re a first time buyer, remortgaging, moving home or looking for a buy-to-let mortgage, we can help you find the right mortgage for you.

Buy to let guide

Protecting your buy to let property

We’ve all seen the horror stories.Tenants From Hell make juicy headlines and compelling trash TV - even if you do find yourself watching it through knitted fingers.And it’s not just tenants.

Buy to let guide

Should buy to let be seen as an investment?

If we haven’t already got one, lots of us would like a second property - and preferably a third and a fourth.

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How to make your buy to let a tenant des-res

Anyone who’s scrolled through the customer reviews on TripAdvisor or Amazon knows public opinion can be a confusing and contrary thing.

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Tips on finding the right tenant

Decisions, decisions, decisions. You’ve bought a buy-to-let property, made improvements, redecorated and generally got the place pretty splendid.

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How to find the right buy to let property

Buying something for someone else is never easy. You worry they won’t like it, or it won’t fit, or it’s too expensive.When that something is a house, bought for an as-yet unknown someone to live in, y...

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