5 areas to save energy and money at home

Keep energy bills in check and dripping taps at bay with these 5 areas to save money and use less energy at home.


4 steps to an organised home

How to declutter and maintain a tidy and organised home with these four tips!

Water saving week

Six ways to save water at home

Water Saving Week is on its sixth year of campaigning for the UK to save water. With this annual event, ran by WaterWise aims to raise awareness of the issues around water use.

Four interior updates you can do during lockdown

We’ve asked four interior design bloggers and experts for their top tips on how to redecorate and refresh your home during lockdown!


Can you buy a property on a single income?

A good way to increase the choice of mortgages available to you on a limited income is to use a mortgage broker.


7 ways to prevent burglaries this winter

Follow these seven easy steps to make sure your house and your family aren’t targets for petty crime this winter.


Julie home and dry with The Nottingham

Julie Hornsey’s decision to change her property policy to an RSA one introduced to her by our Grantham branch team was a shrewd move at a time when her spirits were about to get dampened – quite literally, and on a monumental scale!

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