Getting started with saving

Getting started with saving is easier than you think. There are many ways to organise your spending and save regularly – and lots of help available to make your savings work for you.

Get on top of your savings

Savings accounts essential guide

There’s a wide range of solutions to your savings requirements – and each is designed to meet the needs of the saver. So whether you’d like to make the most of tax-free interest, want to be a regular saver or even get your children off to a good start, here’s our at-a-glance low-down on different savings accounts.


Saving is a must for carer Diana

Saving may not be a top priority for many but in Diana Pearson-Beale’s world it’s an absolute must.
Diana believes that, as difficult as it can be to set aside money at times, being in a savings habit is the key to a brighter future.


Result! Forest fan Jack scores signed shirt

Nine-year-old Nottingham Forest fan Jack Lee-Brown is now the proud owner of a shirt signed by club striker Ross McCormack after netting it in a competition.


A hundred-plus reasons to save

It’s never too soon or too late to start the savings habit says Edie Beasley, who has been putting aside money most of her life - and who recently turned 102 years young!


We reward inspirational Larna

Christmas came early for remarkable role model Larna Cowham after she was named one of our Inspirational Young People of 2016.


Free tennis lesson for Robin Hood Young Savers

Robin Hood Young Savers now get a FREE tennis lesson at the Nottingham Tennis Centre when opening a new account with us.


We reward inspirational Thomas

Remarkable role model Thomas Fronia shows off a beaming smile after being named an
‘Inspirational Young Person of 2016’.


SportsAid Regular Saver will help future champions’

To mark the 40th anniversary of SportsAid - the charity for young athletes – we have
launched a special savings account to raise money for sports stars of the future.


Netherfield branch are box clever

Our Netherfield branch has boxed off another initiative - by putting our ever popular ‘mascot moneyboxes’ on display in the local community centre.

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