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Saving can seem like a daunting task when you’re either starting from scratch or having to dip into the pot from time to time.


High street feeling the pinch of fewer branches

New research shows financial branch closures are piling the pressure on local high streets with nearly half (46%) of shop owners interviewed admitting that losing a local bank in the past three years has had a negative impact on their business.


How to get set for interest rate rises

Our mortgage expert talks about starting to plan for the possibility of mortgage interest rate rises.


When and how should I save for school fees?

You can plan well-ahead to ease the burden of paying those school fees. And even if you can afford it from your current income it’s a good idea to protect that


How to save for an emergency fund – and keep it safe

An emergency fund is all to do with planning ahead. It’s not there to make you money – but to protect the money you already have and get a supply of easily accessible cash together to help pay unexpected bills.

Your savings can grow!

Tax-free savings

Saving is even more rewarding when you don't pay tax on the interest you earn. Most people can already earn some interest from their savings without paying tax.


Should you be saving for university?

You may want to set aside income yourself for your children's education - and the earlier you can start, the better, as it gives the savings time to grow.

Get on top of your savings

Savings accounts essential guide

There’s a wide range of solutions to your savings requirements – and each is designed to meet the needs of the saver. So whether you’d like to make the most of tax-free interest, want to be a regular saver or even get your children off to a good start, here’s our at-a-glance low-down on different savings accounts.

Your savings can grow!

Guide to cash ISAs

If you are ready to start saving and want to earn tax-free interest and enjoy easy access to your money, then a cash ISA – or Individual Savings Account – could be for you.


The Nottingham announces Panthers sponsorship

The Nottingham announces new sponsorship deal with The Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey Club

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