Four tips when moving house with pets

Moving house is an exciting moment for the whole family but it can be stressful for your pets. A big change like a house move could lead to behavioural problems or anxiety for your furry friends. However, with a little preparation and consideration you can make things much easier for your dog or cat to keep them calm and happy in their new surroundings.

1. Time to explore

When a cat discovers its new home, it needs time. We recommend that you do not distract it by putting food in their bowls right away or giving them treats. Let your cat explore their new environment first. Try and keep cats indoors for at least 2 weeks to get used to their new house.

2. Stick to routines
The fear of being abandoned is greater in dogs than cats but both need to be assured you are taking them with you to your new house. Keep your routines the same (especially if you have a dog) such as sticking to the same hour for food and walks will reassure your pet that while their surroundings may have changed, nothing else has within your family.

3. Allocate new spaces
Dogs are clever creatures and will understand the family is packing. To avoid making your pet feel stressed make sure one family member is solely responsible for them. This can make them feel more secure amongst all the upheaval of moving. Prepare a dedicated space for your pet as soon as you get into your new house. Make it cosy with things that they know and love (their bed and toys for example). It will make your pet feel welcome and reassure them that they have a place in this new habitat. Cats’ feeding areas and litter trays should be placed in separate locations, and make sure they have somewhere quiet to go for the latter.

4. Establish their territory
Cats are territorial. When you move house, the other cats from the neighbourhood might already consider your garden their territory. To give your cat a confidence boost, empty the contents of their litter box around your garden. This will mark the territory with their scent, help them settle in and also send a clear signal to other neighborhood cats.

There we have four simple things that can make a huge difference to how comfortable your pets feel in your new home. 

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