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We’ve challenged a selection of bloggers, content creators and the public to only spend their money on the essentials for one week. Check out the My No Spend Week hub for some inspiration on saving. Maybe a ‘no spend’ week could change how you view your spending habits?

We’ve quizzed our diarists all about how they feel about their spending habits before their challenge week and then after, how they might approach saving and spending in the future. Today we’re hearing from Charlotte. 


Welcome to my little space on the internet, known as Memoirs and Musings. I’m Char, short for Charlotte and my blog/website/diary is dedicated to documenting my Memoirs and Musings, hence the name. I love to travel, indulge in a glass of white wine when plans are cancelled and purchase overpriced make-up.  I guess that’s me in a nutshell, trying to figure out this thing called life and have fun.

Are you a saver?

I am a saver, I save money in the following ways: 
  • Save 25% at the beginning of each month
  • All additional income goes to my savings
  • Round-up change via my bank automatically
My worst spending habit by far is eating out. If I’m not buying lunch from the food market near my office, I’m meeting a friend for dinner. Thankfully, lockdown has stopped me doing this as I am physically not allowed to. Lockdown has definitely changed the way I spend and look at money. Having to cancel four trips away has made me realise how much I value travel, not from an ‘I need a holiday’ perspective but how much I value travel as part of my life. Instead, I’ve been looking for solace in Amazon and Deliveroo deliveries. 

I'm currently saving for my second house and some samples and stock for my future beauty brand. I'd like to save more money, I need to be stricter with myself but the ‘life is short’ phrase always gets me. 

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Working from home. Almost tempted by an ASOS sale email but remembered I have no room or no need for any new clothes.


No spending.


Popped to Central London to pick something up. Couldn’t resist grabbing a Pret breakfast as I haven’t had it since March. Spent £8 on a latte and two croissants - totally worth it! 


No spending.


Almost bought a takeaway but decided against it in favour of cooking something out of the freezer.


Succumbed to the freezer again.


Booked a hotel room using pay on arrival (this doesn’t count, right?).

The verdict

As it’s week 14 or 15 of lockdown, my Amazon spending is now practically nil. Thankfully I am working from home, so I knew the week would be quite easy but I'm not sure how easy it would have been if life were 'normal'. During this week, I had to justify not spending to myself at first. Just because there is a sale doesn’t mean I need to spend money. Am I really saving money if I didn’t intend on spending in the first place? 

I think I saved around £100 - my usual lockdown spends have been a weekly takeaway, random clothing purchases or a game e.g The Sims expansion pack. This week, I considered everything I spent much more carefully. It was a case of ‘Do I really want this?’ to every single thing that popped into my inbox. It also made me clear out my wardrobe to see what I owned and what I could sell to make more money and I think I've kicked a few spending habits - it has made me unsubscribe from many retailer emails. I've definitely been encouraged to save more, I’m ready to be rich!

Your No Spend Week?

So, what do you think? Could you go a whole week and only spend on essentials? No treats or coffees or new clothes? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook and if you’d like to write your own ‘My No Spend Week’ diary – send us an email telling us all about yourself to Check out our range of savings accounts and our Essential Savings Guides too for some more tips and tricks for saving money.

*The featured content creators have been paid to take part in and keep a diary of their ‘My No Spend Week challenge’. However the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed belong solely to the content creator and the opportunity is open to members of the public too if they also wished to take part in the challenge. There is no commercial relationship between The Nottingham or content creator and any products or brand mentioned in their diary.


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