Rugby star feels at home with The Nottingham

Leicester Tigers player Greg Bateman didn’t have too much to tackle when securing a mortgage with us.

The Premiership prop simply spoke to his broker to state his requirements and just three signed documents later was a step closer to purchasing a new home in a picturesque Leicestershire village.

Dad of-two Greg, who is 28, is delighted that his contact in the large network of brokers The Nottingham works with ultimately secured funds from society.

Firstly, because as a professional sportsperson it isn’t always so easy to land a mortgage - there is a ‘risk factor’ in lending to people who, by the nature of what they do, could well have a much shorter career than others.

Also, because the shrewd star is a believer that in ever-changing economic times good property investment - with the right mortgage product attached - can give 20 and 30-somethings a better chance of living somewhere near the comfortable life many of their parents have had.

Former Exeter Chiefs man Greg explained: “I am very grateful to have what I think is the best job in the world but the downside is that it doesn’t go on forever and there is of course also the risk of injury. That often works against sportspeople when it comes to lenders parting with their money.

“So in that sense I had a very specific mortgage case. My broker came back to me and recommended The Nottingham and it was heartwarming to know that I was able to borrow the money from them.

“I am of course not qualified to give mortgage advice, but the facts are that interest rates aren’t great and may well not be for some time to come so whilst saving money in accounts is an important and sensible trait that should be encouraged, it isn’t the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to ensuring financial security.

“If I, and others of a similar age, are to live comfortably in the future then we need to think about things, and take positive action, now if we can. There should be more emphasis on bricks and mortar, rather than the level of unsecured debt that has defined our generation to a large extent. I still believe property investment, with an affordable mortgage attached, is the way forward.”

There is another reason why Greg, who joined the Tigers in 2015 and has at least three more years to come at the club following a contract extension, is chuffed to be a mortgage customer of The Nottingham.

Every home game at Welford Road he plays his heart out in the shadow of the Robin Hood Stand, which we sponsor.

We are also the Official Building Society of the Tigers and Official Partners to the Junior Tigers Club.

Those are facts that haven’t escaped him.

Greg added: “Sponsors are really important to rugby clubs and as players we recognise that. But there is something extra special about The Nottingham’s involvement with our club because, like Tigers, they share an ethos of wanting to be involved in the community.

“It isn’t at all lost on me that the society are contributing to our club and that it is such a good story that of all the lenders my broker could have recommended to me it was The Nottingham that came out top of the pile when it came to servicing my requirements.

“I am very happy to have my mortgage with The Nottingham.”

You can find out more about our mortgages here or pop in to your nearest branch.

Leicester Tigers prop Greg Bateman


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