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Retired nurse and long-standing member of The Nottingham, Yvonne Haynes, was brought up understanding the importance of saving money for the big things in life and in her words - “not spending what you haven’t got”.

Fifty years on from her mum first opening an account for her with The Nottingham, 64-year-old Yvonne still saves with us and is living proof that whatever her savings goals she has been able to achieve them with our help. For five decades Yvonne’s savvy approach to finances has meant that when she and husband Philip require anything – from holidays to home improvements, gifts for their two children or saving for later life – funds are in place.

Yvonne, who worked for the NHS for 46 years until retiring in early 2020, said: “My dad died when I was four and my mum had to work really hard to put food on the table, and she always made sure she put some money aside in savings too. “It gave me a good understanding of the value of money from an early age and when she opened the account for me at The Nottingham I didn’t think twice about saving any spare pounds I had and, a few years later, the money from Saturday jobs I did.
“I’ve been a saver with The Nottingham ever since and bought the majority of things with savings. I tend to ask myself what I need money for - whether that be a holiday, something for the house or for the future or whatever - then set the goal of saving that amount.

“I was definitely brought up to in a ‘don’t spend what you haven’t got’ household and that’s something I’ve always remembered and that has served me well.”
Yvonne, who lives in Warren Hill in Nottingham, explained that hitting her savings goals has always been made smoother by the excellent customer service she receives in-branch.  She added: “I sometimes visit the city centre branch but I usually go to the Arnold one and I can’t praise the team there enough. They are extremely friendly and professional and always happy to answer any questions I’ve got.

“To be part of a building society in which I know my savings are safe and secure, and where I know I will always be met by nice people who put you at ease – something they’ve maintained throughout the Covid-19 challenges – creates a great community feel.” Yvonne finished with a personal example of something achieved through good savings habits, as an inspiration to anyone who is looking to set a small amount aside each month with a view to hitting their own savings goals. She explained: “I’ll always remember my first car, a little second-hand number. 

At the time very few of my friends could afford cars and I’m sure some of them wondered how I could!“Unbeknown to me my mum had been saving the board I paid and it had grown into enough to buy me a car for my 17th birthday. It was a wonderful feeling getting that car, but an even more important lesson for life that if you have a savings goal and a willingness to regularly set a few pounds aside, that goal can be achieved.” 

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