Saving for retirement? What you should know

Savings aren’t just for a rainy day, they’re for the long sunshine-filled days once you stop working – if you’ve prepared for them…

How much money will you really need to be able to tick dreams off your bucket list and live a comfortable life?

It isn’t as difficult as you might think to set aside a little money right now to help pave the way to a happy and healthy retirement

Building a pot of cash over the years seems straightforward at first glance but preserving it – and maintaining its value in the face of inflation – involves some careful thought.  We can introduce you to financial advisers who can discuss the way forward according to your own personal needs.

Barrie Storm, an adviser with our carefully selected partners, Wren Sterling, said: “It’s all about helping aspirations become reality. We look at what level of income you might need or expect in retirement.

“It may be that people already have something prepared through work pensions and we can look at any shortfall, what their savings are doing for them and how it all adds to the pool of money available to draw on in retirement.

“We can explain about pension funds, annuities, ISAs and lifetime ISAs, and what difference switching savings to investments might have.”

The experts can size up your options in an hour-long appraisal of your financial position and then carefully talk it through either at your own home or a private office inside a branch.

They have helped our members for many years and will carefully assess your individual needs.

Barrie said: “We would always recommend a suitable proportion of your income to invest, leaving you with liquid cash to spend/save for unexpected costs.”

As a member of The Nottingham you have access to independent financial advice, so why not take advantage? Getting the right money advice from a qualified adviser can only help. 

Book your appointment by calling 0344 481 1226 or pop into your local branch.  

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