Six ways to boost your home sale chances

If you’re thinking of selling your home and have discovered this guide before getting a house valuation, enlisting an estate agent or preparing your budget, it could be best to read Nottingham Estate Agency's Guide to Selling Your Home

Spring can be a great time to sell when the sun is coming out and winter seems long gone. If you’re moving forward with For Sale signs and online listings, prepare for viewings with the pointers in this guide. Here at The Nottingham (via Harrison Murray and Nottingham Estate Agency, both of which are part of the Society) we have some effective tips that can help with first impressions!

1. Choose an agent wisely

It goes without saying that an estate agent should be reputable, friendly and good with people. Choose an agent, like Harrison Murray or Nottingham Estate Agency, who are long established and are members of The Property Ombudsman scheme. Or, get a personal recommendation from friends or family. 

If you’re looking to also buy a house, we may have some listings to suit your family’s needs, as it can be simpler to buy and sell with the same estate agent. 

2. Clutter control

In preparation for viewings, pack away any items that may make your home look crowded or untidy. Potential buyers will want to imagine themselves in the property with their belongings and don’t want to be tripping over anything on their way round. 
  • Clear away clutter, toys and any paperwork
  • Ensure any laundry is put away
  • Make sure that hallways are clear without coats and shoes blocking walkways
  • Switch on lights and lamps if it’s a dull day to create a nice ambiance
  • Tidy shelves and create focal points for ornaments and frames
  • Pack away any gadgets that you don’t desperately need to create more space on worktops.

3. Sparkling clean and warm

It goes without saying, make sure that your home is nice and clean to create a welcoming space. Viewers don’t want to think that if they bought the house they’d have to deep clean it before moving in. 
  • Make sure the washing machine isn’t on when viewings are scheduled as a noisy spin cycle could be distracting
  • Clean appliances down and declutter as you have the rest of the house
  • Create a fresh atmosphere in your bathroom, get rid of any wet towels and clean streaky shower screens 
  • Spray some air freshener around but don’t over-do it
  • Leave a window open if the weather allows it, some fresh air is always pleasant
  • Avoid cooking strong smelling foods such as fish, curry or anything too garlicky or smoky a day or two before you have viewings as these smells tend to linger
  • Make sure your home is warm and inviting but not stiflingly hot. 

4. Keep interiors simple

Less is more and you don’t have to spend a fortune when it comes to interiors. A few strategically placed throws and rugs will bring older interiors up to date. Plus, you could create some optical illusions of space by placing furniture at angles around the room. 

If you feel like your home could do with an update read our tips on ten ways to add value to your home. Is your kitchen the only bugbear? Interiors blogger Anne Marie Stoltman from Very Me Interiors gives us five ways that she would recommend updating your kitchen on a budget

Kitchen 2

5. Look good on the outside

Giving the property kerb appeal is the first step to engaging with people and creating a great first impression.
  • Check and repair any broken garden gates or fences
  • Clean window panes
  • Mow lawns and cut back any unruly shrubs
  • Clear paths and garden areas of weeds
  • Make the entrance inviting with some pot plants
  • Add some bird feeders or garden ornaments if this suits your space
  • If the weather is good, make use of your garden with some nice furniture and your potential buyers could even the space as an extra room to use in the summer!

6. Garage storage

The majority of homeowners use their garage for storing things apart from their cars, so keeping it clutter free will give viewers an idea of how much space there is. They may have their own ideas for garage use so keep tools, Christmas decorations and other items stored in tidy boxes or hooked on the wall. Don’t hide this vital space from potential buyers.

There we have six areas of your home that you can focus on to create a welcoming space for potential buyers. Create a clean and clutter free space and employ a friendly estate agent and you should be well on the way to a sale. Get in touch with Nottingham Estate Agency and Harrison Murray if you have a property to sell. Good luck! 

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