Schools raise over £8,500 for SportsAid

We recently sponsored SportsAid Week’s #MyMiles Schools Challenge, providing £5,000 match-funding as part of our ongoing partnership. The #MyMiles challenge asked supporters to complete a distance or ‘go the extra mile’ to support athletes supported by the charity. This is the third year the charity have ran this fundraising week during the European Week of Sport. 

Schoolchildren followed in the footsteps of the SportsAid athletes and took part by raising money with sponsored swims, mini Olympic themed circuits, bake sales, one-mile runs, charity football matches and much more. Each pupil donated one pound for SportsAid to take part in this week of fun sports activities. Over £8,500 has been raised by schools so far!

Martin Smith, Head of PE at Stepney Green Maths and Computer Science College, says:“We’re really trying to engage with SportsAid and one of the particular extra things we’ve done with the #MyMiles Challenge is getting everybody to row at least 1,500m or get on the bike for 1,500m. It’s important for them to get into a challenge like that because students are increasingly spending time in classrooms or in front of computers so for them to get the opportunity to be recognised for the extra work they’re doing is really important. Days like this really help us put out what we’re trying to do.”

Since partnering with SportsAid in 2013, we have supported over 160 promising sporting stars of the future. Many are already competing at national level in their age group and some even internationally. The average athlete trains more than 15 hours and will cover 200 miles a week travelling to training and competitions! The cost is often high, around £7,000 a year and the help from SportsAid is the only financial help they receive. SportsAid's financial help goes towards a range of expenses from travel to pieces of equipment and gym memberships.

Felicia Miloro, pictured below, is a local pole vaulter who is sponsored by our Hucknall branch and she conducted a delicious bake sale.

Find out more about Doing Good Together.

Felicia Miloro Bake Sale 1

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