Taking the stress out of things for our family

Husband and wife Martin and Chris Diesbergen are enjoying their retirement even more now they have sorted out their will, funeral plans and a trust fund thanks to help from The Nottingham.

Even more importantly to Chris and Martin, both 69, is that any future anxiety and stress has been removed for their son David and two grandsons now that plans are fully in place.

The pair, who live just outside Ashbourne, decided to tighten up their financial affairs following a holiday earlier this year and, soon after, visited The Nottingham’s branch in the Derbyshire town after seeing a desirable savings rate advertised.

Following a customer review at which it was sensitively and clearly explained that the society could introduce the Diesbergens to a financial adviser (from Wren Sterling) to discuss trust fund options and then explore funeral plans (via Dignity) and wills and estate planning with them, they decided to get all of those things in order.

Ex-college lecturer Martin explains: “Chris and I already had a will but having been involved in a property sale when we moved to Ashbourne from Cannock three years ago we knew it needed updating.

“We went on a family holiday earlier this year and our 19-year-old grandson stayed in England. For the first time it struck us that should anything happen when we were away that he would be left with an awful lot to cope with.

“It wasn’t a morbid conversation, just a sensible one, and one that focused our minds on getting everything sorted. When we returned and visited The Nottingham to talk about a savings account, having seen a very favourable interest rate, it was the start of an enjoyable journey that ultimately has given us great peace of mind.”

Chris, a former RE teacher, takes up the story: “From the minute we sat down at The Nottingham we were made to feel welcome and the customer service we experienced was second to none. 

“Having had the savings account explained we had reviews at which we were given details about wills, funeral plans and trust funds. The building society adviser, estate planning consultant and financial adviser gave us clear explanations of what products were available. They listened to what we wanted and tailored things exactly to our requirements, answering any questions we had courteously and with expertise.

“Our number one aim was to get our ‘house in order’ so that our son and grandchildren don’t have to worry about anything in terms of finances or planning in the future and thanks to The Nottingham we have achieved that.

“As a family we sat down and discussed everyone’s wishes. It was a chat that wasn’t a grim one, it is real life after all and we are just so glad any future stress has been alleviated before anything happens. That gives Martin and I great peace of mind.”

What also pleased the couple, who have been married for 45 years, was the range of products available via The Nottingham and its partners.

Originally they had planned to arrange phone calls and/or individual meetings with a solicitor (to update their will), a financial adviser (about the trust fund) and to research funeral plans themselves.

But their visit to The Nottingham changed all that, as they realised it could all be done ‘under one roof’ with expert guidance and communication every step of the way.

Chris adds: “As Martin said, the experience has been very enjoyable. That might seem like a strange word to use, but it has been because of the expert guidance and professionalism we have experienced.

“At our time of life we want to be enjoying retirement and we are able to do that now we have sorted everything out, face-to-face, under one roof at The Nottingham.

“It has all come together quickly and in one place, with great care and no ‘hard sell’. The rapport the staff at The Nottingham have with their customers is excellent.

“Everyone should consider making life a little less anxious for their families in the future, both financially and from a minimising stress and upset point of view.

“The Nottingham help to do exactly that - we would recommend them to anyone.”

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