How to pack smart for your holiday

Going on holiday is so exciting. But, when it comes to deciding what to pack in the suitcase, it can be really overwhelming. It’s very easy to pack the wrong things or over-pack with everything you think you could potentially need! Here are some handy tips from our home insurance provider RSA to help you solve your suitcase issues and stop you pulling out flippers on the ski-slopes!

1. Keep a couple of little wash bags packed and ready for trips with mini versions of your favourite toiletries and products. This is a great way to stop forgetting items, plus it will save you a lot of time. 

2. Similarly to the wash bag situation, have a ready-prepared mini first aid kit containing a few plasters, some paracetamol, bandages and insect repellent. When you get back from your trip make sure you refill or replace the items straight away so it is good to go for next time.

3. To aid the packing process create a ‘holiday list’ of everything you’d usually need, like toiletries, glasses, chargers and medication and save on your computer or on a phone app that you can physically tick off. Then, think about the activities you intend to do whilst you’re away and what you’d need for those (like swimwear for a beach holiday, walking shoes for sightseeing, or ski wear for a skiing trip.) This way you won't be randomly packing knitwear for a warm weather holiday. 

4. Keep checking the weather, even up until the day before. Weather can change easily and you don’t want to be left with unpractical clothing. 

5. When packing clothes and underwear, try rolling them instead of folding. You’ll be surprised by how much more you can pack in your suitcase by doing this, plus it means less ironing!

6. If you really want to pack light, take just the essentials and no need to pack heavy books or travel guides as you can store it all on your phone or tablet device.

7. If you’re only going for a few days, travel-size products are perfect for a small case. To save even more space, put a few squirts of moisturiser or foundation in an old contact lens pot instead of taking the whole bottle or tube. Make sure that you keep travel minis from hotels or magazine freebies in your stash and make the most of 3 for 2 offers that most high-street pharmacies will promote when it comes to holiday season. 

8. When it comes to smart packing, every inch counts. Put toiletries inside shoes, and wrap belts around the edge of your case or inside the collar of a shirt – they help the collar hold its shape too. 

9. Investing in some luggage scales could help you avoid extra baggage fees. If you are close to the limit, consider cutting down on what you have packed or wear some of your heavier items such as trainers and coats.

10. As well as making sure you're taking appropriate clothing for your location and the weather forecast, plan some outfits in advance so you're not taking excess clothing. Mix and match tops and bottoms and take a small bottle of fabric refreshing spray to bring clothes back to life after a couple of wears. 

Thanks to RSA for these great tips.

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